2018 Johns Hopkins ACH Hospital Non-Employee Registration Page
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This registration page is for non-employees of JHACH

**All cancellations must be made within 3 business days of class date or full charge will occur and no refunds issued**
Email your cancellation notification to info@intensivemedical.com

(If you are taking PALS there is no need to register for BLS as the Combo course includes BLS automatically)

Registration not active for this facility. You must call to register.

July 9th BLS Renewal

July 9th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

July 23rd PALS/BLS Combo Provider

July 23rd PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

July 30th ACLS Provider

July 30th ACLS Renewal

July 31st BLS Provider

July 31st BLS Renewal

August 3rd PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

August 3rd BLS Renewal

August 6th ACLS Provider

August 6th ACLS Renewal

August 7th ACLS Renewal at Tampa OCC

August 8th BLS Renewal at East Lake OCC

August 14th BLS Provider

August 14th BLS Renewal

August 16th PALS/BLS Combo Provider

August 16th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

September 7th BLS Provider

September 7th BLS Renewal

September 10th PALS/BLS Combo Provider

September 10th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

September 12th ACLS Provider

September 12th ACLS Renewal

September 12th PALS/BLS Renewal at Tampa OCC

October 3rd BLS Provider

October 3rd BLS Renewal

October 9th PALS/BLS Combo Provider

October 9th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

October 22nd ACLS Provider

October 22nd ACLS Renewal