2018 Johns Hopkins ACH Hospital Non-Employee Registration Page
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Contact us at 866-414-2527 to register:
This registration page is for non-employees of JHACH

**All cancellations must be made within 3 business days of class date or full charge will occur and no refunds issued**
Email your cancellation notification to [email protected]

(If you are taking PALS there is no need to register for BLS as the Combo course includes BLS automatically)
(Also a Provider class is for initial or expired participants)

Registration not active for this facility. You must call to register.

August 14th BLS Provider

August 14th BLS Renewal

August 16th PALS/BLS Combo Provider

August 16th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

September 7th BLS Provider

September 7th BLS Renewal

September 10th PALS/BLS Combo Provider

September 10th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

September 12th ACLS Provider

September 12th ACLS Renewal

September 12th PALS/BLS Renewal at Tampa OCC

October 3rd BLS Provider

October 3rd BLS Renewal

October 9th PALS/BLS Combo Provider

October 9th PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

October 22nd ACLS Provider

October 22nd ACLS Renewal

November 5th   PALS/BLS Combo Provider
November 5th   PALS/BLS Combo Renewal

November 12th BLS Provider
November 12th BLS Renewal

November 14th ACLS Provider
November 14th ACLS Renewal