2019 Nemours Hospital Registration Page
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**All cancellations must be made within 3 business days of class date or full charge will occur and no refunds issued**
Email your cancellation notification to [email protected]

(If you are taking PALS do not register for BLS the Combo course includes BLS automatically)

***If you only need BLS, please do not register for the PALS/BLS combo class***


April 29 PALS/BLS Renewal

April 29 BLS Renewal Only

May 21 PALS/BLS Renewal

May 21 BLS Renewal Only

May 22 ACLS Initial/Expired

June 11 PALS/BLS Initial/Expired

June 11 BLS Renewal Only

June 12 PALS/BLS Renewal

June 12 BLS Renewal Only

Additional Registration Links Available Soon!  Additional 2019  Class Dates Listed below!

July 15 PALS/BLS Renewal
July 15 BLS Renewal Only
July 16 ACLS Renewal
August 27 PALS/BLS Initial/Expired

August 27 BLS Renewal Only

August 28 PALS/BLS Renewal
August 28 BLS Renewal Only
September 17 PALS/BLS Renewal
September 17 BLS Renewal Only
October 21 ACLS Renewal

October 22 PALS/BLS Initial/Expired
October 22 BLS Renewal Only

October 23 PALS/BLS Renewal
October 23 BLS Renewal Only
November 18 PALS/BLS Initial/Expired
November 18 BLS Renewal

November 19 PALS/BLS Renewal BLS Renewal
December 10 PALS/BLS Initial/Expired
December 10 BLS Renewal Only

December 11 PALS/BLS Renewal
December 11 BLS Renewal Only